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Somewhere Over the Rainbow by DecaffeinatedGeorgie

This piece of beautiful artwork is really well done. The lighting is just right, and the colors really make it stand out and shine. The...




DAMN YOU, ALL-STARS!!! -Shakes fist in anger-
Wed Dec 17, 2014, 6:10 AM
Okay... Shout if you love Total Drama? (Prepares riot shield)
Sat Dec 13, 2014, 9:41 AM
Maybe you should try Total Drama? I don't think anyone who follows me really knows what Ojamajo Doremi is.
Sat Dec 13, 2014, 9:21 AM
Since my Pokemon one failed... Shout if you love Ojamajo DoReMi!
Fri Dec 12, 2014, 2:17 PM
I'd say use Dangan Ronpa instead, but then I would be the confused one, and ain't nobody got time for me to be confused on my own page. :XD:
Mon Dec 8, 2014, 5:49 AM
What? I thought the Pokemon shout would bring in some more shouts...
Mon Dec 8, 2014, 5:06 AM
Yeah! :D
Tue Dec 2, 2014, 4:00 PM
Truer words have never been uttered in this ShoutBox. Pokémaniacs fo' LIFE! :XD:
Sat Nov 29, 2014, 4:27 PM
Sat Nov 29, 2014, 4:21 PM
Um... Shout if you love Pokemon!
Sat Nov 29, 2014, 4:12 PM

My Christmas Gift to You

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2014, 11:50 PM

Normally I could not be bothered by this due to the overwhelming amount of effort it would take to undergo this, but hey, it's Christmas and after Wednesday, I will be done with Finals, so I figure I may as well open the floodgates this one time.

I will be giving everyone who actually follows me and wants it ONE free request of their choosing. It can be of anything; just know that if I am unfamiliar with the thing you request that might make things take longer than they need to. There are only two rules you must follow.

1. It cannot be mature artwork under any circumstances. Blood is allowed to a certain extent, but nothing overly sexual or anything of that nature. It's not my style, and I won't draw/write it on DA. If you want it that badly, give me your e-mail in a note and I will send it to you there.

2. Do not expect these to be done by Christmas or even all that fast. I procrastinate a lot and my mind wanders a lot, so don't be surprised if you have to remind me to do these things. I mean, I do not have the time to try and beat my laziness or my scatterbrained-ness.

Anyway, have fun, go nuts, be creative with your requests. But be warned that they may not come out just like you want them to. If that's the case, I'm sorry, but that is how the cookie crumbles. You will have to deal with it and be thankful you got this.

Don't expect this to happen again any time soon though. I'm not that generous or nice.

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons "I'm on Top of the World"
  • Reading: Total Drama Revenge Do-Over
  • Watching: Kingsley's 2014 Overexposed Nominees
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


1. Post these rules at the beginning of the meme.

2. I really don't care if you tag, or how many people you tag. If you get tagged, you don't need to do it.

2b. However, if you have been tagged and you want to do it, please mention who tagged you.

3. Use any kind of writing deviation for this.

You will be answering a series of questions about your OC. Answer them from the POV of said OC. Ready?

The OC I'm writing as is: Harrison (TDDO)


Food? Burgers and Fries. I don't eat that all the time, but when I do... :drool:

Color? Black and red. Why else would I have red contacts in my eyes or wear a leather jacket in summer?

Type of music? I like good ol' rock and roll.

Book genre? Horror.

Kind of pie? I like rhubarb pie. Hmm, now I kind of want a slice. I'll get one after this questionnaire is over.

Subject in school? I like world geography out my regular classes. It's fun to see what happened in the past and stuff. I also like Band, but if you tell anyone, I will most likely hate you forever.

Type of candy? I like Red Hots because I'm red hot. XD Kidding, I like them because they are spicy and appealing. I also like Twix, and this question is done.

OC that doesn't belong to your creator, and why? (Who cares if they never met or interacted.) Well, I have a few to be honest. There is my good friend Giselle, my cousins Ethan and Luka, and my boyfriend Coby. Giselle is seriously the sweetest girl ever, and she likes romance. She's really good with it. Ethan and Luka are cool; I even wear some of the things Luka gets me, even if it's not completely my style of dress. Ethan is actually a lot like Rory, the only difference is that Rory's a bit more... there than Ethan if you will. And Coby... *blushes a bit* Coby means a lot to me, and I don't give two f***s what anyone has to say about it. He makes me happy, so that's that. Okay, I'm done with this question. (Giselle's gonna lose it...)


What's your family like? They're pretty cool. They didn't have much of an issue with me coming out as Bi, so that's good. Not everyone is as lucky as I am...

Left or right handed? I'm right-handed.

What's your idea of how the apocalypse will occur? (Aliens? Solar flares? Robots?) We're gonna die to a zombie apocalypse. Nah, I'm just messin' with ya. I wanted to see if Shawn would react. *looking around* Guess he's not around. Anyway, we're probably gonna die due to some illness that will ravage the population of the world.

In your franchise (if any), which character do you aspire to be like and why? (If OC isn't in one particular franchise, just pick any character from anywhere.) I kind of like Duncan. He's cool, and I do feel kind of bad that he got cheated on. Then again, is Duncan really someone I want to emulate? ...Eh, it's not like this is canon Total Drama, right? *The Fourth Wall has been broken!*

What's your preferred time of day? I like the afternoon. It's the most active time of the day, and it's the most interestin'. Then again, night has a certain appeal to it as well...

Digital or analog clocks? What kind of question is this? Whatever tells me the damn time so that I can know, that's what.

How would you spend an ideal evening? I guess I would just be chillin' with whoever I was around at the time.

Hot cocoa, tea, coffee, or something else? I like having a milkshake or some apple juice. I'm not old enough to drink. (Not that I would...)

What time do you usually go to bed at night (if at all?) I go to bed between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.. During the summer I stay up a little later, but I actually want to get up in the morning, so I don't stay up late.

The best birthday ever would be...? I guess just a gatherin' of all my friends, the few I have. Who knows, maybe I'll make some more friends, after I stop pushing people away. Really, I don't want anything to big or fancy. A small little party will suffice for me.

What instrument do you think you want to try and play? The drums. I'm pretty good at the drums. I want to learn the guitar, but I don't want people to think I'm good at everything.

Pencil, pen, or ink brush? I like mechanical pencils. I don't have to sharpen them like graphite pencils, and I can erase my mistakes unlike a pen or ink brush.

Notebooks or loose-leaf paper? I like notebook paper. If I need loose-leaf paper, I'll just tear out some sheets from my notebook. Problem solved, and I get two types of paper in one.

Are you in any fandoms? Which ones? I'm a Total Drama OC. To be honest, it was a fun way to spend the summer, but Chris is too much of a pain in the ass for me to want to go through with another season.

What's the most boring situation you can think of? I once had to sit at the DMV for 3 hours to get my permit. That sh** was literally what hell feels like.

What do you hate about your friends sometimes? (Annoying qualities? We won't tell...) As much as I like Rory, he's a bit too scatterbrained and unfocused sometimes. He also doesn't always listen to me, and that does bug me. And I like Giselle, I really do, but I do need space sometimes. I'm happy to tell her things, but some things need to stay private.

Do you have posters in your room? Yes. I have some from Def Leppard, some anime ones that Rory gave me, and one from Grease. ...Don't tell anyone I actually watched and enjoyed it, okay?

What's your least favorite holiday? I'm not one to get people down for holidays. If you want to celebrate, then go right ahead. I don't really have a least favorite holiday anyway. *Shrugs*

What about sports? Do you play any? Love them or hate them? Get me a football and I'm good. I'm not some meat-head, but I do like to at least play to get some exercise. I also like playing basketball sometimes when it's cold outside.

What’s the best gift you ever received? I got a set of drums signed by the Thunder God himself, Rick Allen.

(Wild card: make up a question!)

Wild card: What is your ethnicity? What kind of blunt question is that? Anyway, I'm half-Hispanic on my mom's side, and half-Italian on my dad's side. Is this questionnaire over with? Good, I'm gonna get me a piece of rhubarb pie now.

This was done in the world of Total Drama Do-Over, so if some things conflict with canon, and they will, that's why.

Rory is owned by me, so don't steal him.
Ethan and Luka are owned by :iconbaconbaka:
Giselle is owned by :iconlolitafreak88:
Coby is owned by :iconeternalinsanity787:
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: P!nk "So What"
  • Reading: Total Drama Revenge Do-Over
  • Watching: Kingsley's 2013 MidYear Overexposed "Harlem Shake"
  • Playing: Pokémon Y
  • Eating: Bacon, Cheese Egga, and Biscuits
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch Soda

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United States
Hey, everyone I'm AnOptimisticSnarker, but you guys can call me Yoshi if you want. It isn't my real name, but you can call me it.

Anyway, I've finally joined this site and I can't wait to put out some stuff on the shows and fanfics I love! If you can't tell by my Favorites page, I have the STRANGEST tastes in shows EVER! There is no rhyme or reason as for why I like shows and stuff, all I know is I like 'em.

I hope to have a great time on this site and to meet some awesome people too! Well, see ya'!

P.S. My numerous OC's will pop in my writings and drawings on occasion. Please don't mind them, they won't bite. (Well, some of them might if provoked...)

My DeviantArt Section. This is here because it's about damn time I put something here like this.

I only do requests for friends. And by friends I mean we need to have talked a considerable amount.

One day I would love to commission my works for others to enjoy. Until then, I'm content just doing things for friends.

Ten Re-Done Facts About Me
1. I am African American. I know I don't come off as such, but I am.
2. I am extremely shy to a complete fault. Again, I don't come off as such, but it's true.
3. My favorite color is yellow. Yes, bright and sunny yellow.
4. I can be a bit of a pervert. I do know when and when not to let it out though.
5. I really don't ask for a lot. I know I could ask for a request every so often, but I don't.
6. I can be very chill with people, but I don't tolerate bullies/people attacking my friends.
7. I am not the best writer in the world. I know I need work, but I'm getting there.
8. My favorite Pokémon is Wooper. It's so cute and hug-able despite being slimy.
9. The idea of having sex both grosses me out and scares me immensely.
10. I am a Nostalgia Critic and Linkara fan. Not a really big one, but I'm getting there.


What did you think of Total Drama Pahkitew Island? 

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How have you been?
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Hey Optimistic. It has been a really long time since we have had an in depth and a decent conversation. How are you doing?
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Hey Jayden. It has been forever since we've talked; I need to get back on the Wiki and make my presence known.

I'm doing fine. My college semester's nearly over now, so all I have to worry about are Finals. How have you been holding up?
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